SECURE Rigid Strapping Tape
  • SECURE Rigid Strapping Tape
  • 12.5mm
  • 25mm
  • 38mm
  • Box of SECURE Rigid Strapping Tape

SECURE Rigid Strapping Tape

Stickiness: ★★★★★

Dimension: 13.7m (L)

Colour: Brown

Sold in a single piece, set of 10 or in a box

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SECURE Rigid Strapping Tape consists of a high-tensile strength rayon cloth and a specially formulated BodyBond glue, ideal for supporting and protecting joints and other body parts subjected to sudden forces during sports. With both edges serrated, the tape is hand tearable for quick and easy applications. 

Our unique BodyBond adhesive formulation ensures that the glue is strongest only upon contact with body heat. This medical-grade adhesive ensures that the tape can be easily removed from the roll, yet stick securely throughout the session. 

The 12.5mm and 25mm tapes are typically used for finger or toe applications. 
The 38mm tapes are the most versatile product, suitable for shoulders, knees, ankles and wrists. It can also be torn into shorter widths should the need arise. 

As these tapes contain natural latex, we recommend testing a small segment prior to use in case of allergies. 

Please also store in cool and dry places that are away from direct sunlight. 

Fear that your tapes will be squashed out of shape or become dirty after putting them into your bag?

Fear not! We got you covered now! 

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