As a brand that works directly with the factory and not as a reseller, we visit the factory, audit the manufacturing process, and ensure the inflatable sports balls we produce are high quality while being cost effective.

For example, when we order 1000 balls, the factory typically makes about 1030 pieces, considering for a rejection rate of 2-3%. After the balls are produced, they are inflated and kept in storage for a minimum of 48 hours, then deflated, packaged and sent to us in Singapore. In the event the rejection rate is lower, typically the factory will contact us and ask if we are willing to take their extra balls.

QC Check for Inflatable Balls

Hence, by the time we receive and send to you, you can be assured the ball would have no physical defect. 

Whether it's balls produced by us, or by other manufacturers, they will also include an instruction that is frequently ignored by consumers. The instruction is "Moisten Needle".

Why do you need to moisten the inflation needle?

The main important reason is when you are inflating a large amount of balls, the inflation needle can get very hot. The heat can damage the valve flap or even pierce through the bladder, just like the video below.

We recommend to moisten the inflating needle with (in order of preference)

  1. Glycerin
  2. Silicone oil
  3. Cooking oil
  4. Skin Moisturizing Cream or Lotion
  5. Water or even saliva

Basically, anything other than a dry and hot needle that can lubricate its entry into the hole will be better.

Right Direction, Right Pressure

The next step would be to insert the needle directly into the hole, and not at an angle. It would be hard to explain why some users insert the ball at an angle into the ball, but it happens and will damage the valve wall. 

The final step would be to ensure the balls are inflated to the right pressure. Overinflating balls will damage the rubber bladder, and in worse case cause an explosion. 

In this case, even though it's clearly a user error, we have replaced the balls for them out of goodwill. We understand that mistakes happen, and as long as it's communicated to the customer and it does not happen again, we will be happy to offer replacements for products under our own brand. 

Who should pump the balls?

In many schools, teachers also outsource the work of inflating balls to students, who may not take as much care and concern for the balls. We recommend to give the right instructions (moisturize, right direction, and do not over inflate) and allow responsible students this task, as some branded sports inflatable balls can be quite expensive.

As far as we know, resellers and distributors of branded balls in Singapore do not provide free or subsidized replacements of their balls when damage is caused by user error.