• All foam used in our post padding is of high density and quality.
  • All vinyl used in our post padding is tested under Singapore's weather conditions of strong sunlight and heavy rain.
  • Our post padding is generally 50mm thick. Thicker padding is available on request.
  • In terms of shape, they can be square, rectangular, cylindrical or flat on wall.
  • For specific dimensions, we can use velcro to fasten the ends, or eyelet with nylon cord to wrap around if the padding is to be used at multiple posts with slight variation in diameter.
  • Pad is split vertically for ease of putting on and taking off post. 

Process of Ordering

Send us an email ( or Whatsapp with these information

  1. Measurement of Post Circumference (circumference is preferred as diameter will likely have parallax error)
  2. Thickness of Foam (generally 5cm)
  3. Height of Foam
  4. Photo of the post
  5. Quantity

We will reply with a quotation on the total price. The lead time for customized foam padding is typically 4 - 6 weeks upon a signed quotation.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.