Cricket Stumps & Base
  • Cricket Stumps & Base
  • Cricket Stumps & Base

Cricket Stumps & Base

Dimensions: 29cm (L) x 22cm (B) x 68cm (H)

Material: Plastic 

Weight: 950g

Colour: Yellow

Sold as set of 3 stumps, 1 base and 2 bails.

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The Javy Sports Cricket Stump & Base set is fully compatible with our other cricket equipment found here!

As a set, our cricket equipment can easily be used to develop batting skills in children.

Additionally, it is sturdy yet light enough to be carried by children or transported outdoors.  

Javy Sports' cricket stumps are made of plastic but are fitted into a sturdy base so they are strong enough to withstand both indoor/outdoor usage and will not hurt kids during games.