Plastic Perforated Balls (Set of 4)
  • Plastic Perforated Balls (Set of 4)

Plastic Perforated Balls

Sold in a set of 4 or set of 20 with Bucket

Set of 20 - 70mm comes with 10L Bucket

Set of 20 - 90mm comes with 20L Bucket

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Each set consists of equal number of Red, Yellow, Green and Blue balls.

Set of 20 comes with a bucket with lid for easy storage and transportation.

Moulded plastic balls with holes are ideal for telematches and team games for all ages. 

This product has been constructed to compress when being stepped on. This is a safety feature that ensures that the ball does not shatter into shards when the players accidentally step on it. Repetitive compression will still cause the balls to crack over time.

The life span of this product is dependent on the amount and type of use. Balls are reported to last typically between 6 to 12 months while used during regular PE lessons.