Competition Futsal Goalpost (BSEN & FIFA Compliant)

This specifications of this goal post is compliant with EN16579 and FIFA regulations. 
100% Aluminium. 

Each BSEN compliant product from Javy Sports is sold with a BSEN Certificate of Compliance and Compliance Stickers. This is to ensure the authenticity of the certification. 

Dimensions of whole goal post: 3m x 2m

Sold as a pair with pre-installed net hooks.

Please note that this product is a preorder and requires 6-8 weeks to be delivered upon order confirmation. 

Aluminium Futsal Goalpost
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This futsal goal is made according to BSEN regulations (EN16579) and FIFA regulations with a round front frame (80mm diameter).

Backbars and ground bars materials measure 60x30mm and 40x40mm respectively. 

The backbars' depth are 1.2m wide which prevents the ball from hitting the arches and rebounded out immediately.

Each goal is delivered with anchoring systems and is only available in white powder-coat.

This goal is also designed with foldable aluminium arches. It is simple to transport and store. 

 Corner joints are welded directly onto the upright poles for added stability. 

This product is available in 2 options: fixable to the ground or with counterweights

The counterweights used with this product are made of heavy rubber which can keep the goal secured in play position and reduce ball rebound.