Squishee Softball
  • Squishee Softball
  • Squishee Softball

Squishee Multi-Purpose Ball

Diameter: 11cm 

Material: Soft PVC

Weight: 62g

Colour: Yellow 

The balls will be delivered deflated.

Sold in a single piece 

Volume discounts

Quantity Discount You Save
5 $0.50 Up to $2.50
10 $1.00 Up to $10.00
No tax

Our Squishee series balls are softer than foam balls and denser which allows them to mimic the feel of traditional rubber balls while being softer to the touch.

It is suitable for introduction of the sport as the ball will not cause any injuries upon contact. 

The balls are durable and tactile so kids can develop their basic skills like grip and coordination while having fun.

Our Squishee series consists of balls suitable for a wide range of sports or practically any activity! 

Squishee softballs are most compatible with our baseball and softball bats here!