Safe Distancing Sit Up Board
  • Safe Distancing Sit Up Board
  • Safe Distancing Sit Up Board

Sit Up Board (Safe Distancing)

Dimensions (2 variations):

150cm (L) x 50cm (B) 

180cm (L) x 60cm (B) 

Lead time of 2 to 4 weeks upon order confirmation and payment

Safe Distancing Sit Up Board size
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While sit up assessment is still a requirement in NAPFA, it is hard to administer with safe distancing measures. Having an assistant to hold down the participant's ankles will result in the participant exhaling directly into the assistant's face for the duration of the assessment.

This board comes with an ankle mount and has been designed specifically for the participant to perform sit ups without assistance. The number of completed sit ups can be counted safely from a distance.

The board can also be used for students' self-practice before tests.

Comes in 2 variants

Suitable for primary school students' use:
150cm x 50cm with small ankle mount

Suitable for secondary / JC / polytechnic students' use: 
180cm x 60cm with large ankle mount

Size has been tested for effectiveness among different user groups.