Safety Standing Broad Jump Mat (with foam underlay)


3.5m x 0.75m x 4cm

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Traditional rubber standing broad jump mats crack when it dries out over time. The distance markings also wears off with time. This is an issue with material which cannot be solved. 

Hence, we moved on to manufacturing it in PVC, which has the advantage of being lighter, cheaper and tear resistant with clearer prints. 

However, there was an issue we cannot solve with PVC or Rubber material, which is an issue with safety. 

The injuries common with standing broad jump in descending order

  1. Wrist injury from falling forward or backward
  2. Knee contusion injury from falling forward
  3. Backside or back injury from falling backwards
  4. Knee connective tissue injury from a bad landing
  5. Face injury from a bad fall 

Hence, we created an SBJ mat with a 4cm foam underlay, this will reduce the injury rate. This is the same foam used in gymnastics, wrestling or cheerleading roll out mats, hence it is firm enough to jump on, but also will reduce injury if there is a bad fall. 

That's not all. Because our production method uses the digital printing, rather than silkscreen or paint markers, it allows the print to be precise, durable and long lasting. Hence, we even printed a score chart for NAPFA / IPPT for both genders, ages 9 to 24 on the mat itself! 

The same design in our SBJ mat series for easy reading with longer lines for 5cm and 10cm remains.

The only caveat we have is, if you are testing for absolute distance jumped for top athletes, please use the PVC SBJ mat, as the PVC would have better ground force transmission, hence better distances provided the athlete lands correctly.