Standing Broad Jump (PVC/Red)
  • Standing Broad Jump (PVC/Red)
  • Standing Broad Jump (PVC/Red)
  • Standing Broad Jump (PVC/Red)
  • Standing Broad Jump (PVC/Red)
  • Standing Broad Jump (PVC/Red)
  • Standing Broad Jump Mat (PVC/Red)

Standing Broad Jump Mat (PVC/Red)

Dimensions: 3.5m x 0.9m x 4mm 

Material: Heavy Duty PVC with clear PU coating and anti-humidity base 

Weight: 10kg

Colour: Red 

Sold in a single piece

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How to choose between PVC or Rubber SBJ Mats?

Comfort: In terms of shock absorbancy, Rubber will be gentler on the knees.

Durability: In terms of tear resistance, the PVC mat is less prone to tearing. This is due to the manufacturing process where all rubber mats are made using shredded recycled rubber and bonding agent. Over time, the rubber mat will tear especially when users kick the edges or step on a folded edge.

Weight: While both mats will not flip up easily or move on its own, PVC weighs about 10kg while Rubber weighs 20kg. Hence, if you are placing it permanently in a single location, Rubber is more suitable.

Design Elements
It measures up to 300cm
It starts measuring from 10cm, for young children to build confidence.
1cm, 5cm and 10cm intervals are marked by different line length for quicker readings
A clear PU coating is applied on the mat to reduce accidental tears and increase durability. 

With similar design elements to the Rubber version, PVC is a more cost-effective material compared to rubber, hence the price can be reduced. 

We also provide the standard Standing Broad Jump Mat that you normally see.

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