Incline Pull Up Bar (NAPFA Specific)
  • Incline Pull Up Bar (NAPFA Specific)
  • Incline Pull Up Bar (NAPFA Specific)
  • At a Primary School in Singapore
  • Rubber Stoppers for the Rod
  • Incline Pull Up Bar (NAPFA Specific)

Incline Pull Up Bar (NAPFA Specific)

Height: 80cm - 110cm 

Frame: 5cm x 5cm x 2mm

Material: Steel

Surface: Powder Coated Black

Weight: 20kg

It will be assembled on site.

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  • Powder coated, not spray painted, for enhanced durability because of rusting
  • Powder coating also makes the handles rougher, hence easier to grip
  • Reinforced braces for the vertical beam so it does not bend over time
  • 1.1m gap between floor bases - easily slip in protective floor mats to prevent injuries if students suddenly let go during the exercise
  • Base plates to reinforce structure so the equipment does not open up over time
  • Height adjustable from 80cm to 110cm
  • 25mm diameter handles suitable for children (7 years old) to teenagers (14 years old)
  • Tested with 100kg user without any sag or issues

It comes with customized 19mm stainless steel rod solution for the chin to make contact while making a "clanging" sound to register the repetition. Please take note that the inner walls of the stainless steel rod are designed to be thin so that it can move easily upon making contact. Hence, it could be bent if it is pulled on. We recommend not leaving the rod in the equipment unless used during testing.

This item is in ready stock.

While the system is height adjustable, for ease of use, do consider buying multiple units to set it up at different heights to reduce the time needed to adjust it.

We have a sample ready for customers to drop by our showroom to give it a try at our showroom.

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