EVA Foam Mats (Custom Order)
  • EVA Foam Mats (Custom Order)
  • EVA Foam Mats (Custom Order)
  • EVA Foam Mats (Custom Order)

EVA Foam TKD Mats (Custom Order)

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All mats come in 1m x 1m with a jigsaw interlocking pattern.

Price Chart (does not include installation/cutting services)

30pcs - 49pcs 50pcs - 99pcs 100pcs - 190pcs 200pcs and above
2cm Thickness $28 $26 $24 $22
2.5cm Thickness $30 $28 $26 $24
3cm Thickness $34 $32 $30 $28
4cm Thickness $44 $42 $40 $38

Minimum order: 30 pcs. We recommend to order 5% more than you need as topping up would require more time and there could be pieces damaged by your installation team through incorrect handling or cutting. It is also recommended to keep some spare pieces in case of damage during usage in future use.

Lead time is based on thickness:

  • 2.5cm and 3cm, 6 - 8 weeks
  • 2cm or 4cm - 8 - 10 weeks
  • Please allow us to confirm the lead time for you before the order is accepted

Colours available:

  • Yellow / Blue
  • Yellow / Black
  • Red / Blue
  • Black / Grey

Patterns Available:

  • Criss Cross
  • 5 Lines
  • Leaves

Deposit: A 50% deposit will be collected upon order confirmation. Please email sales@javysports.com to enquire so we can quote based on your requirements.

Samples: The above items are available in 10cm x 10cm samples. Each sample set will consist of different colour and texture options for your clients to see and will cost $20. It can be refunded when the samples are returned to us or when an order is placed.