Balloon Badminton Racquet
  • Balloon Badminton Racquet

Balloon Badminton Racket

Long Handle Racket (Red)

Dimensions: 60cm (L) x 27cm (Diameter)

Material: Mesh Fabric/Metal

Weight: 160g

Short Handle Racket (Blue)

Dimensions: 44cm (L) x 28.5cm (Diameter)

Material: Mesh Fabric/Metal

Weight: 74g

Balloon Badminton Racket
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Badalloon is a racquet that has foam hand grips for extra comfort and a nice soft material on the base where you can safely bash the balloon without it popping. The balloons fall down slowly so you can keep a rally going for a long time. Fine motor skills will be improved as kids will be encouraged to get better grip and coordinate their movements. Kids can play with this in a group to develop social skills by seeing who can keep the longest rally.