Outdoor Plastic Javelin


Length: 70cm
Grip Diameter: 3.9cm
Weight: 224g
Colour: Black with orange fin

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Our Plastic Javelin is a great way for kids to have an interactive outdoor game where they challenge and see who can throw the furthest.

It has a streamline body structure that is uniquely designed so that it can fly further.

The body of the Javelin has a plastic ridge that makes it comfortable for gripping and throwing.

It will be enjoyable for group classes and outdoor events.

If you are looking for indoor throwing Javelin, please check out our Weighted Foam Javelin.

Do note that our Plastic Javelin is only meant to be thrown outdoors on a grass field with real soil, but not an astroturf.

Each Outdoor Plastic Javelin will come with 1 complimentary tube of: 502 Adhesive Super Glue. If it comes loose over time, you can buy this product to secure the fins.