All-in-One Ice Wrap (All Body Parts)
  • All-in-One Ice Wrap (All Body Parts)
  • All-in-One Ice Wrap (All Body Parts)

All-in-One Ice Wrap (All Body Parts)

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Most acute or traumatic injuries to joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments cause bleeding, swelling and pain. Applying some form of cold therapy as quickly as possible following injury can greatly assist in the reduction of swelling and pain by reducing the amount of blood flowing into the area.

Ice treatment should be commenced as soon as possible so that healing can begin. Unless the injury is very minor, cease activity and use our ice wrap to apply cold therapy and compression.

Ice and compression are also essential tools for the treatment of inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and to reduce pain swelling following surgery. 

All-in-One Ice Wrap is a multi-functional neoprene compression wrap with a reuseable 9 in hot / cold bag. It can be used for both cold compression or heat therapy. It is recommended to bring Ice Wrap with you wherever you are so you can apply compression when required.

  • Reduces pain and muscular sprain 
  • Widely used by athletes 
  • Recommended by Doctors and Physiotherapists 
  • Cold treatment is suitable for acute pain like sprains and strains 
  • Heat treatment is used for relieving chronic long term pain by improving blood circulation 
  • Suitable for high fever or cramps