Deep Heat Rub
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Deep Heat Rub

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Deep Heating Rub

U.S Formula with Methyl Salicylate
Deep Heating Rub is an effective oil in water emulsion topical analgesic.


Methyl salicylate helps to increase underlying muscle temperature and blood flow. This local vasodilatation stimulates nerve fibres which send less severe signals to the brain to counter a more intense pain.

Menthol stimulates superficial nerve endings, thereby depressing nerves to the sensation of pain.

Eucalyptus Oil and Turpentine Oil are strong counter-irritants, masking pain signals communicated to the brain.

• Cream format/non-oily that can absorb easily into skin and
  penetrate deep into muscles when applied on affected area/s

• It is effective in relieving muscle aches & pain, backaches,
  strains & sprains
• It will also reduce pain caused by arthritis
• Easy application with gentle massage