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Reusable Hot / Cold Bag

Dimension: 6"/15cm or 9"/22cm or 12"/30cm

Sold in a single bag with screw cap

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Soft, pleated outer bag conforms to different body parts.
Fabric allows for controlled temperature release for maximum comfort.

6 inch size - For children.
Can be used on body parts such as forehead, elbow, ankle.

9 inch size - For adults.
Recommended for smaller body parts such as shoulder and ankle.

11 inch size - For adults.
Recommended for larger body parts such as chest, back, core, quads, hamstring, IT band


For Cold Use: Fill compartment with ice cubes, crushed ice or cold water

For Hot Use: Fill compartment with warm water



People with known or suspected circulatory problems should consult a doctor before using this product. If application becomes uncomfortable, stop use immediately.