One Time Use Antiseptic Iodine Swab Stick (14s)
  • One Time Use Antiseptic Iodine Swab Stick (14s)

One Time Use Antiseptic Iodine Swab Stick (14s)

Box Dimension: 9cm x 11cm 

Sold in a box of 14 sticks

Comes in a clear plastic box


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Providone-Iodine antiseptic swab stick is an innovative way to manage minor wounds.
It makes disinfecting cuts, grazes or burns convenient and hygiene.
Just snap the swab stick as directed, dab it on the wound and iodine will kill the three groups of germs- bacteria, viruses, fungi that can cause infections.
With One Time Use Antiseptic Iodine Swab Stick, you will always be prepared when there is a "little emergency' and you need an antiseptic fast

How to use

1. Push one end of the iodine swab stick to remove the packaging.

2. Break the end with the red line to release iodine into the other end.

3. Dab the iodine swab on the affected area.


INDICATIONS: Cuts and bruises; wounds and burns; bacterial and mycotic Skin infections; cold sores; herpes simplex and herpes gentialis; disinfection of perineal wounds and Skin; Skin sterilization prior to surgery and sterilization of internal organs during surgery. ADMINISTRATION: Topical use

For extenal use only. Keep out of reach of children