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Back Brace (Fitness Belt)
  • Back Brace (Fitness Belt)
  • Back Brace (Fitness Belt)

Back Brace (Fitness Belt)

Material: Premium polyester, nylon, rubber/latex and polyethylene 

Sizing Chart (around waist)

Small: 25 - 29 inches 
Medium: 28 - 32 inches 
Large: 31 - 35 inches 
Extra Large: 34 - 38 inches 

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For those of you who workout, but find our range of leather belts too intrusive and uncomfortable, we have this to recommend for you! During tougher workouts, you still have to protect your back. It can also correct posture and protects the back from inadequate movement, or muscle injury due to heavy lifting.

The Javy Sports Fitness Belt is designed with comfort in mind. Mesh fabric in the back allows for breathability while 4 acrylic springs provided unparalled support for your most challenging workout. It features two velcros which allow for double-adjustment for sizing accuracy. It is hand washable.

It can not only be used as a protection for casual gym goers, but also used as a first layer for gym users before they use a powerlifting leather belt, to create a graduated and even sensation while keeping the core compressed and protected.

It is suitable for gym goers, weight lifters, delivery men and people who previously have injured their back.