Finger Ice Pack


5.5cm (L) x 5.5cm (B) x 1.5cm (H)

Sold in a pair. 

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The ice pack is made of soft but non-leak material and is flexible enough to be of a universal sizing. 

Made of non-toxic material so it can safely be applied on skin.

Provides cooling relief for tired muscles and cold compression helps with treating injuries.

Can be used for injuries such as trigger finger, finger sprains, jammed fingers/toes or sporting injuries from contact sports.

The ice packs are sold in high quality clear bags so they can be kept in freezers for long periods of time. This is so the contents of the freezer and the ice packs are kept separate and hygienic. 

*We recommend keeping the ice packs permanently in their zip lock bags (even if they are not kept in the freezer) to ensure the cooling gel remains usable.