Rubber Basketball Size 7
  • Rubber Basketball Size 7
  • Rubber Basketball Size 7
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Rubber Basketball Size 7

Dimension: Size 7

Material: Virgin Rubber

Sold in a single piece

*The ball will come deflated*

No tax
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Our rubber basketball is made with premium quality virgin rubber.

Each ball has been carefully manufactured and went through a series of quality test before they are being sent out. 

The rubber surface provides an extra grip for the children while they are playing with the ball.

This range of basketball is suitable for PE classes where students learn to bounce, pass and shoot some hoops.

Rubber basketballs are meant for outdoor courts where the floorings are rougher as compared to indoor courts.
This is because rubber basketballs are relatively more durable as compared to leather basketballs (which are meant to be used in indoor courts).

As our balls come in 2 different sizes, organizations can purchase them according to the age of students.

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