Mini - Badminton Net Set
  • Mini - Badminton Net Set

Mini Badminton Net Set

Dimension: 10'/304cm (L) x 5'/152cm (H)

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Badminton is a racquet sport that is played with a shuttlecock and there will be a net in the middle, separating the court into 2 parts.

It is often played casually outdoor or in school halls.

One of the important issue people face when they are playing outdoor is that badminton courts and nets are not readily available.

Our Mini - Badminton net set is a good solution for an impromptu court, either for school or personal use. 

Can be paired with our Primary Badminton Racket Speed500 Child Badminton RacketSpeed500 Badminton Racket /  Feather Shuttlecock / Nylon Shuttlecock