Hot / Cold Gel Wrap (Back)
  • Hot / Cold Gel Wrap (Back)
  • Hot / Cold Gel Wrap (Back)

Hot / Cold Gel Wrap (Back)

It is reusable.

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Adjustable back wrap with gel packs for cold or hot therapy. Conforms well to the lower, mid and upper back for maximum comfort


For Cold Use: Store gel pack in freezer for a minimum of one hour before use

For Hot Use: Place gel pack in microwave and heat for 60 seconds. Increase heating time in 10 second intervals  until desired temperature is reached. 

Use product as recommended by doctor.


People with known or suspected circulatory problems should consult a doctor before using this product. If application becomes uncomfortable, stop use immediately



Keep away from extreme and direct heat. Store in a dry place.

For external use only, product is harmful if swallowed.

Do not puncture outer bag. If inner contents come into contact with skin/eyes, flush with water immediately and seek medical attention. Keep out of reach of children. Do not mix with combustible materials