Box of 8 Film Dressings
  • Box of 8 Film Dressings
  • Box of 8 Film Dressings

Transparent Waterproof Film Dressing 8's (Opsite)

The set contains:

2 strips of 19mm x 40mm 

3 strips of 38mm x 63mm

3 strips of 19mm x 72mm

Contains assorted sizes of a film dressing


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- Waterproof for showering or swimming

- Transparent film is extra thin, breathable and conformable

- Absorbant and Non-stick pad cushions wound and promotes faster wound healing


Instructions for use

Step 1: Clean and dry skin before applying

Step 2: Peel the wrapper from the edge

Step 3: Apply film dressing on the wound

Step 4: Rub dressing firmly down on wound

Step 5: Remove upper plastic sheet by the red tab

This film dressing can remain in place for several days


Please change the dressing if it begins to leak or is damaged